Best 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Accessories (Top 5)

Renee LIN
3 min readAug 21, 2022

After printing the benchmark benchy and xyz block, I focused on printing something simple and useful. The first thing that pops into my mind is the switch cartridge case because mine are scattered on the table. It came out pretty decent; I mean, it looks nice(store-quality) and functional. After that successful trial, I printed several Switch accessories, which I could not resist to share here.

  1. Question Block Cartridge Case

2. Note Block Switch/3DS/NDS Cartridge Case

3. Nintendo Switch Game Case Holder

I haven't tried the lite version; it costs less filament: Nintendo Switch Game Case Holder Light

4. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Holder with Storage Room

Mine is all black to match the animal crossing controllers.

5. Nintendo Switch Controller Stand

Also in black. I hope I can figure out how to colour the logo neatly later.

6. Nintendo Switch Joycon Accessory Backpack

This one is tiny but quite useful. Amazing design to collect all the accessories together.

More Cartridge Holders and Others Haven’t Tried

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