Create Translated Subtitles(Video to srt File) with Google Speech-to-text, Cloud Translation, from Japanese to English




# parameters about the audio file
sample_rate_hertz = 44100
language_code = "en-US"
audio_channel_count = 2
encoding = 'LINEAR16'
out_file = "subtitle"
max_chars = 40
storage_uri = 'gs://' + 'autotrans' + '/' +'ok.wav'
# Encoding of audio data sent.client = speech.SpeechClient()operation = client.long_running_recognize(
"enable_word_time_offsets": True,
"enable_automatic_punctuation": True,
"sample_rate_hertz": sample_rate_hertz,
"language_code": language_code,
"audio_channel_count": audio_channel_count,
"encoding": encoding,
audio={"uri": storage_uri},
response = operation.result()

Translate text file

operation = client.batch_translate_text(
"parent": parent,
"source_language_code": source_lang,
"target_language_codes": target_language_codes,
"input_configs": input_configs,
"output_config": output_config,

Align text file with original srt file to output srt file in another language

def process_translations(subs, indexfile):
# read index.csv and foreach translated file,
print("Updating subtitles for each translated language")
with open(indexfile) as f:
lines = f.readlines()
# copy orig subs list and replace content for each line
for line in lines:
index_list = line.split(",")
lang = index_list[1]
langfile = index_list[2].split("/")[-1]
# langfile = '/'+langfile
lang_subs = update_srt(lang, langfile, subs)
write_srt(lang, lang_subs)
def update_srt(lang, langfile, subs):
# change subtitles' content to translated lines
with open(langfile) as f:
lines = f.readlines()
i = 0
for line in lines:
subs[i].content = line
i += 1
return subs



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