Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate: My Review and Study Notes

My Review:

  1. Super beginner-friendly, might be too basic that it is not suitable for people who already had relevant background knowledge or hands-on experience
  2. Bring out the framework or process of data analysis in a very systematically way
  3. Also teach communication skills, presentation skills, and other work-related activities like creating a Linkedin profile, which seems to be oriented to fresh graduates.
  4. The capstone project-case study is attractive, however, it is not released yet, it says enrolled starts April but we don’t know the exact date. I am looking forward to it because the basic concepts, methods, and tools the course introduces are actually not difficult to learn, the difficult part is how to apply all into a project, to actually get some insight from a dataset.
  5. Google suggests spending 10 hours per week for 6 months, I think it is flexible, if you understand the concept you can just take the quiz and move on. Google also sets a fast path if you pass the evaluation quiz at the beginning of sub-courses.

My Study Notes brief version:

  1. Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere



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Renee LIN

Renee LIN

Passionate about web dev and data analysis. Huge FFXIV fan.