Host a BI report using ReactJs+Firebase with Auth — part1 Prototype and UI setup(create-react-app+mui+plotly)

  1. part1 — Set up primary webpage and layout
  2. part2 — Import data and render different data dynamically
  3. part3 — Host it and add authentication

Simple prototype


npx create-react-app report
cd report
npm start
Default page created by Create-react-app

Mui: React component library

//install basic packages
npm install @mui/material @emotion/react @emotion/styled
// install icons
npm install @mui/icons-material
  1. Layout: box & paper
npm install react-plotly.js plotly.js
<Box sx={{ width: '100%', display: 'flex' }}>



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Renee LIN

Renee LIN

Passionate about web dev and data analysis. Huge FFXIV fan.