Three Ways to Upload PDF to ChatGPT to Analyze or Summarize

Renee LIN
4 min readMar 23

We might need to read a lot of articles or papers; it will be nice to get inspiration from ChatGPT in seconds. But from the interface, I can’t find anywhere I can upload PDFs. So I search for ways of uploading PDF content. Here are three ways I got.

  1. PDF to text, then copy and paste (has word limit issue)
  2. Paste the link of the file directly
  3. Third-party solutions
  4. The free tool recommended by Zuzanna Glogowska in the comment: SciSpace’s copilot on

1. PDF to text, then copy and paste

This is the most common way I can find from Google. There are articles about how to get the text from PDF and then paste it to ChatGPT. This online tool is handy:

The problem is the word limit as below:

I asked ChatGPT about its word limits, but it didn’t tell me. So I googled it, and it seems to have a limit of 3000 words, while ChatGPT-4 is up to 25,000 words at a time. I tested it with a paper of 4770 words and found out 2400 words was its limit.(paper: MaximumEntropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning)

Result from 2211 words, asked ChatGPT to summarize the paper

2. Paste the link of the file directly

Using the link of that PDF file can bypass input word limitation. But for the paper it can’t get access to, it will apologize, or worse, give your summarization of another completely different paper. (I used the GAN paper:

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